Welcome to my permaculture "explorer's notebook," so to speak. Some of these entries may be quite raw, as they may literally be my notes from watching a YouTube video or a thought captured as it was dancing through my head. Other posts might be more elaborate as I take an idea and explore it in more detail or transcribe or polish a lengthy observation from my field book. Either way, I hope to capture some permaculture ideas and methods here as a recollection for myself and a resource for others. Thank you for stopping by. - Karla

Other Links Con't.

Building Things
  • Compost Tea Brewer - probably can make on your own for way less, but looks like a good idea
  • PRI Teaching Certification - Once you are a PCD holder, you may teach permaculture under your own "brand" and issue your own permaculture design certificate; however, if you wish to be a PRI Certified teacher, the above link will assist you with applying.  Once certified as a PRI Teacher, you can issue the PRI PDC.

Wildlife Elements
  • Bat Conservation - how to build bat houses and much other information about bats

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