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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Other People's Observations

Observations from Ben Falk. (Ben Falk lives in a cold climate in N. America)
  • A food gap occurs for him in late winter, early spring
    • Lucky that can still get food at the store - means he has time to close this gap
    • Planting carrots and arugula in the fall so they get a head start in the early spring
  • If you let things go to seed, you will be able to just harvest food "everywhere"
    • His example is turnips that reseed themselves and grow by his wood pile
  • Soil Building
    • Lets grass get tall and then composts it
    • Plant turnips and daikon to break up soil and become a fast carbon path
    • (I'm not a turnip fan - would carrots work as well?)
  • Store wood for optimal burn
    • Dry one year
    • Keep rain off of it
    • Let air circulate
    • 2 years of wood stored and available at any given time
    • Wood doesn't go bad if stored well
    • Wood that wants to split well, make kindling out of it
    • He observes the smell of the wood
  • Food storage
    • Keep 2 years of food at any given time

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